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Discover Eagleville, PA: A Vibrant Community

Welcome to Eagleville

Nestled within the scenic Montgomery County, Eagleville, Pennsylvania, is more than just a census-designated place (CDP); it's a thriving community with deep-rooted values and an eye on the future. With a population of 4,800 according to the 2010 census, Eagleville is a small but diverse community that offers a high quality of life for its residents.


Situated at coordinates 40.156640, -75.408569, Eagleville spans across 1.6 square miles of pure land. Whether it's the greenery or the clean, well-structured streets, the locale is truly inviting.


Over the years, Eagleville has grown not just in size but also in diversity. In 1990, the area had a population of 3,637, which saw a substantial increase to 4,800 by 2010. The community is diverse, with 66.6% of the population identifying as White, 22.4% as Black or African American, 5.5% as Asian, and other ethnicities making up the remainder. The sense of community is strong here, bolstered by families, singles, and seniors alike.

Local Amenities

The Methacton School District serves Eagleville, providing excellent education right from Eagleville Elementary School up to Methacton High School. Skyview Upper Elementary School and Arcola Intermediate School, situated in nearby Trooper CDP, also serve the students of Eagleville.

The Lower Providence Community Library offers residents an expansive collection of books and learning resources, a cornerstone for education and community building.

Government and Infrastructure

The heart of the local governance, the Lower Providence Township administration building, is located in Eagleville, underlining its importance in the area. Additionally, the Montgomery County Correctional Facility also calls Eagleville home.


The average household income in Eagleville is around $56,500, and the community shows a promising growth pattern. With a comparatively low poverty rate, Eagleville presents a balanced socio-economic profile that is conducive for businesses and families.

Why Choose All Pro Gutter Guards in Eagleville

As part of this thriving community, All Pro Gutter Guards proudly serves Eagleville, PA, from our Willow Grove, PA location. We are delighted to be recognized as the number 1 Gutter Guard contractor in Eagleville, and our mission is to provide top-notch services that contribute to the community's quality of life. With All Pro Gutter Guards, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a partnership that cherishes the vibrant community spirit of Eagleville.

So whether you are new to Eagleville or have been a long-standing resident, the community and All Pro Gutter Guards welcome you with open arms. Come discover what makes Eagleville a place to call home!


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