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Ambler, PA

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Discover Ambler, PA: A Town of History and Community

Welcome to Ambler, Pennsylvania, a unique blend of rich history and vibrant community life. Nestled just 16 miles north of Center City Philadelphia in Montgomery County, Ambler boasts a history that stretches back to the 17th century. Whether you’re a local, a new resident, or simply visiting, you’ll discover what makes Ambler a place worth exploring.

The Heartbeat of Lenape Country

Long before Ambler was known by its current name, the Lenape Native American tribe called this land home. As part of a vast territory that stretched from Delaware to New York, Ambler was particularly home to Unami-speaking Lenape. They lived in harmony with the Quakers, thanks to a peace treaty established with William Penn in the 1680s.

Ambler's Founding Families

The Harmers, William and George, were among the Quakers who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1682. In 1716, they bought a 408-acre tract from William Penn, thus laying the foundation for what we now know as Ambler Borough. William Harmer not only built a grist mill powered by the Wissahickon Creek but also constructed a stone dwelling near what is now Butler Pike and Morris Road, making the Harmers the first landholders to settle in the area.

The Historic Village Center

From Harmer's Mill, roads began to develop, with the first, Mt. Pleasant Avenue, emerging in 1730. The intersection of Butler and Bethlehem Pike became the bustling village center, first known as Gilkey's Corner, and later as Rose Valley. By 1790, Jonathan Thomas established a tannery at this intersection, cementing the area's role as a hub of commerce and industry.

Mary Ambler: The Town’s Namesake

One of the most striking moments in Ambler's history was the Great Train Wreck of 1856. When a disastrous train accident occurred, local resident Mary Ambler stepped up to provide medical assistance and transform her home into an impromptu hospital. In recognition of her heroism, the railway station and eventually the borough were named "Ambler" in her honor.

From Asbestos Capital to Eco-Friendly Transformation

Ambler has its complex history with industry, notably the Keasbey and Mattison Company, which turned the town into the "asbestos capital of the world." However, the town has since evolved, addressing environmental concerns and repurposing historical sites like the Keasbey & Mattison factory into the LEED Platinum Certified Ambler Boiler House, a multi-tenant office building featuring sustainable technologies.

Historic Architecture and More

Today, Ambler is home to several historic buildings like Dawesfield, which served as General George Washington’s headquarters during the American Revolutionary War, and the diverse architectural styles of the Keasbey-Mattison houses, reflecting the town’s layered history.

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Whether you're captivated by its history or its modern transformations, Ambler, PA has something for everyone. Come see what makes our town not just a place on a map, but a community to call home.


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