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Hatfield, PA

All About Hatfield, PA - Your Neighborhood Served by All Pro Gutter Guards

Before diving into the fascinating history and modern amenities that make Hatfield a unique place, we would like to highlight that All Pro Gutter Guards is proud to be the number one Gutter Guard contractor in Hatfield, PA. Our Willow Grove, PA location efficiently serves the Hatfield community, ensuring that every household has high-quality, reliable gutter guards.

A Brief Overview

Hatfield is a vibrant borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and is part of the North Penn Valley region. With a population of 3,496 as of the 2020 census, this small but bustling borough has a rich history and a strong sense of community. The borough is surrounded by Hatfield Township, providing it with a sense of unity and collective identity.

History & Demographics

The borough has seen a steady increase in population since its early days, with numbers rising from 528 in 1900 to 3,290 in 2010. Hatfield's diverse population is part of its charm. According to the 2010 census, the borough was 66.6% White, 4.1% Black or African American, 23.5% Asian, and 6.8% Hispanic or Latino. Over the years, the community has grown into a rich mosaic of cultures and backgrounds.


The borough operates under a city manager form of government, with a mayor and a five-member borough council. Mayor Mary Anne Girard currently holds the office, ensuring the smooth administration of local affairs. Hatfield is represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, and in the State Assembly by Rep. Steve Malagari and Sen. Maria Collett.

Geography & Infrastructure

Hatfield is compact but well-designed. The borough has a total area of just 0.6 square miles, all of which is land. Despite its small size, Hatfield has a well-connected road network. Major routes include Pennsylvania Route 463 and Route 309. Public transport is also accessible, with SEPTA Suburban Bus Route 132 serving the area. The borough's electric and sewer utilities are municipally managed, ensuring consistent and reliable services.


The borough is served by the North Penn School District, with Hatfield Elementary School being a focal point for younger residents. Although St. Maria Goretti School closed in 2012, the church remains a landmark in the community.

Community Life & Public Amenities

Hatfield is more than just its history and governance; it’s about the community and the lifestyle it offers. From historic landmarks to shopping centers and parks, Hatfield provides a balanced lifestyle for its residents.

Why Choose All Pro Gutter Guards in Hatfield?

We are the leading choice for gutter guard installations in Hatfield, delivering top-notch service right from our Willow Grove, PA location. Our unmatched expertise and customer-centric approach make us the perfect partner for safeguarding your home against gutter-related issues.

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Gutter Services By All Pro Gutter Guards in Hatfield, PA

Aluminum Gutters Hatfield

Experience excellence with our team of skilled installers for aluminum gutters. We offer top-notch installation and repair services, protecting your property with lasting results.

Gutter Guard Installation Hatfield

Our skilled team ensures worry-free gutters with high-quality gutter guards. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to seamless water flow and home protection!

Seamless Gutter Installation Hatfield

Experience seamless perfection with our expert installation team. From precise measurements to a flawless fit, we deliver top-quality seamless gutters for your home.

Commercial Gutters Hatfield

Our team specializes in durable commercial gutters for all types of properties. With expertise and top-quality materials, we ensure reliable water management and protection.

Gutter Repair Hatfield

Trust our skilled team for efficient gutter repair solutions. From leaks to sagging, we address all issues, ensuring your gutters are in top-notch condition and protecting your home.

Copper Gutters Hatfield

Experience timeless elegance with our team's expertise in copper gutters. From fabrication to installation, we deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring beauty for your home.

Commercial Gutter Services Hatfield

Our team specializes in robust commercial gutter solutions. With expertise and quality materials, we ensure effective protection for commercial properties.

Downspout Repair Hatfield

Trust our skilled team for efficient downspout repair. We ensure optimal water drainage, protecting your property from water damage.

Downspout Installation Hatfield

Elevate your property's drainage with our expert downspout installation. Our skilled team ensures effective water management.

Gutter Installation Hatfield

Experience seamless gutter installation with our skilled team. We ensure efficient water management and lasting protection for your property.

Gutter Guard Repair Hatfield

Trust our team for effective gutter guard repair. We ensure hassle-free gutters, preventing clogs and ensuring water flow.

Gutter Cleaning Hatfield

Rely on our team for expert gutter cleaning. We ensure clog-free gutters, protecting your property from water damage.
March 22, 2024

All Pro Gutter Guard exceeded my expectations! The installation was quick and hassle-free, and the guards have effectively kept leaves and debris out of my gutters. Even during heavy rain, they have performed flawlessly, ensuring proper water flow. I highly recommend All Pro Gutter Guard for anyone looking for a reliable gutter protection solution.

Natan Сокол
October 28, 2021

Price to install new gutters was great. Installer showed up on time. Very professional.

James Cahill
August 26, 2023

I was able to get my gutters replaced quickly matching the exact style of my old gutters. Jason was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Would work with this company again.

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