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Explore Evesham Township, NJ: A Historical Haven in Burlington County

Welcome to Evesham Township, a picturesque township nestled in Burlington County, New Jersey. As a suburb of Philadelphia, the nation's sixth-most populous city, Evesham Township boasts a rich history, diverse community, and a thriving population. With a population of 46,826 according to the 2020 United States census, Evesham Township continues to be a sought-after residential area, known colloquially as Marlton.

Unraveling the Tapestry of Evesham's History

Evesham Township has deep roots dating back to 1672 when Quakers first settled in the area. The township's name may have been inspired by the town of Evesham in England or possibly by a prominent English settler, Thomas Eves. Established as 'Eversham' in 1688, the township was officially incorporated as part of New Jersey's first 104 townships in 1798. Over time, portions of the township were separated to form Washington Township, Medford Township, and Mount Laurel Township.

Marlton: A Historic Gem Within Evesham

The name 'Marlton' has become synonymous with Evesham Township, originating from a naturally occurring mixture called "marl," used as fertilizer. Recognized as a village in 1758, Marlton officially earned its name in 1845. The historical village, Olde Marlton, remains intact and is designated as a locally regulated Historic District. The extraction of marl catalyzed the township's first "building boom" in the 1830s and 1840s.

Evolving Through Time

Evesham Township underwent changes in the mid-20th century as developers purchased farms, marking the beginning of the township's housing developments. Notably, the United States Army opened the PH-32 Nike Ajax facility in 1955, serving as a defense installation during the Cold War. By the mid-1990s, the site transitioned into a housing development.

Geographical Splendor

Encompassing 29.59 square miles, Evesham Township is a captivating blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Marlton, with a population of 10,260 according to the 2010 census, is a historic community within Evesham Township, covering 3.235 square miles.

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A Demographic Tapestry

The 2010 census reported 45,538 people residing in Evesham Township. The community is characterized by diverse households, with 57.1% being married couples. The township's median household income, reported as $88,980, reflects a thriving community with a rich economic landscape.

Embracing Nature and Community

Evesham Township is one of 56 South Jersey municipalities within the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, offering residents access to a protected natural area of unique ecology. The township's commitment to preserving nature is evident in its inclusion in the state-designated Pinelands Area.

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