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Bridgeton, NJ

Discover Bridgeton: A City Rich in Heritage and Community

Welcome to Bridgeton, New Jersey – a city with a proud history, diverse culture, and a vibrant community. All Pro Gutter Guards is honored to serve as the number one Gutter Guard contractor in Bridgeton, dedicated to preserving the charm of this remarkable city.

A Glimpse into Bridgeton's Past

Long before European settlers arrived, the lands around Bridgeton were inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous peoples, including the Lenape Native Americans. The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of New Jersey, a state-recognized tribe, maintain a cultural center here, serving a community of 12,000 in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties.

Incorporation and Prosperity

Bridgeton was formally incorporated as a township on March 3, 1845, from portions of Deerfield Township. On March 1, 1865, Bridgeton achieved city status, replacing both Bridgeton Township and Cohansey Township. The city derived its name from its location at a bridge on the Cohansey River and is believed to be a variation of "bridge town."

After the American Civil War, Bridgeton flourished. Its robust industrial base, central location in an agriculturally rich area, and prominence as an educational center made it the most prosperous town in the state. The city was home to glass factories, sewing factories, metal and machine works, and the famous Ferracute Machine Works, founded by inventor Oberlin Smith.

Historic Preservation

The Bridgeton Historic District, encompassing a quarter of the city, boasts over 2,000 properties that span architectural styles from the early Federal period to the 1920s. It is the largest such district in any municipality in New Jersey and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Notable structures include Potter's Tavern, home to New Jersey's first newspaper, and Brearley Lodge, founded in 1795 and still active today.

A Natural Oasis

Bridgeton's geographical setting is a treasure. It straddles the tidal Cohansey River and is near the center of the Delaware Bay lowlands. The city's expansive Bridgeton City Park, spanning about 1,500 acres, features pinelands, wetlands, lakes, and the Cohanzick Zoo, New Jersey's oldest zoo, which is open to the public.

A Changing Landscape

In the 1980s, Bridgeton faced economic challenges with the loss of its remaining manufacturing jobs in glass and textiles. However, the city's agricultural sector has continued to attract immigrant workers, primarily from Mexico and Guatemala. This diverse population has brought new opportunities and challenges, contributing to Bridgeton's ever-evolving landscape.

Cultural Vibrancy

Downtown Bridgeton is a hub of cultural activity, boasting an art gallery, second-hand stores, a makerspace, and the headquarters of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation. The city's makerspace, called STEAMWorks, offers specialized equipment and software to the public, fostering creativity and innovation.

Embracing the Future

Bridgeton, located just an hour from Philadelphia, Wilmington, Atlantic City, and Cape May, is a city with a rich heritage and a promising future. All Pro Gutter Guards is proud to be part of this community, committed to protecting its homes and maintaining its beauty.

Join us in exploring the heart of South Jersey – Bridgeton. Contact All Pro Gutter Guards today to learn more about our services and how we can address your specific needs.

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